Main Bar

Our Main Bar is located on the Ground Floor with most events hosted downstairs.

But feel free to wander about the house.

All rooms Marked [PUBLIC] are there for you to use at any time.

Please be respectful of other people that may wish to use this space.


Toilets #2

Sauna and Spa #3

Library #4

Somewhere to freshen up.

Relax and unwind

A quiet place to read.

Guest Rooms #6

Healing Clinic #7

Dorms #8

A place to rest for the night

If you requre assistance please see a member of staff

Student Lodgings

Practice Room #9

Brewery and Wine Cellar #10

Honeymoon Suite #22

Performer's Practice Stage

Wander the cellars, but
beware of the ghost.

For that little touch of extra luxury

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