The Drunken Moogle is a place where people come to meet.

Have a few drinks, relax and make some great memories.
We have a bar that stays open around the clock and a host of guest facilities
including a hot tub room, medical clinic and library.


We can even find you a comfortable bed if the walk home becomes too much to take on.

House Rules






Weapons are allowed to be worn but not drawn or otherwise used.

Fighting is strictly prohibited on the premises, including the front lawn. (We have neighbours to think of). Our aim is to provide a quiet local, not a dive bar. We have special arrangements with the Grand Companies and Rogues' Guild to comply with these restrictions.

Please don't ERP in the main bar and dress appropriately for the venue. We are more lenient on behaviour in the Public Rooms, but please be discreet.

If you're being loud and obnoxious, you'll be asked to be quiet or leave.

We don't charge real gil for our services, but if you want to donate you can. We'll probably end up blowing it all on tacky decorations.


Enjoy the calming serenity of the surrounding areas while relaxing with a nice drink.

Lavender Beds

Ward 12, Plot 33


Bar Opening Times

The bar is staffed Saturdays from 9pm until midnight (UK Time).

At all other times, the bar is staffed by NPCs, so you're welcome to come in at any time.

Check out our Tumblr for details of events.

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