Drunken Moogle Free Company

The Drunken Moogle Free Company is entirely OOC. Being part of the FC doesn't mean you have to work for us and you don't have to join the FC to get a job ICly.


We're just a bunch of people that like to do things together. Our main focus is to be low stress and hassle free.

We don't mandate any level of activity and we're alt friend

Check the information below and read our rules section. If you're interested in joining click on the Recruitment panel.

Key Points

Alt Friendly

We don't demand that you join on your main and if you're in the FC, alts are welcome to join.

No minimal activity.

We understand real life exists and people may only be around on and off.

Don't worry, you'll still have a place here when you're back.

Roleplaying Optional

Although we do have a focus on Roleplaying, we don't demand that all of our members roleplay at all. Our only stipulation is that any RP is in line with our rules.









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